I am so privileged that I lead workshops of a very different duration and nature on a daily basis – everything from two hours to courses that extend over two years. It is about everything from creating better leadership, collaboration, well-being, greater sales, more innovation or changing the mindset.

In my workshops, you dive into the topics in a thorough and exploratory way and I make sure to include the participants to ensure the healthy interaction and make room for the natural flow of thoughts of questions and wonder.

While my peptalks act as a breath of fresh air, my workshops create a deeper and more realistic understanding of the topics. The result is that the participants will to a greater extent remember and use the tools they receive and implement them in their routines afterwards.

All courses are tailored to the needs of the company.


My peptalks are a combination of expertise, good energy and practical exercises. The aim is to create a sustainable working environment and ultimately the best results for the company.

My core focus is the healthy communication culture, which forms the foundation for strong relationships and job satisfaction. Such a foundation shapes motivated employees with profits for responsibilities and new challenges – motivated employees are result-creating employees.

Through an informal, humorous and activating lecture style, the participants are included at their level and also receive a number of concrete, useful tools.

With its always inspiring combination of theory and hands-on tools, participants are sent home with knowledge on how to perform optimally and stay mentally healthy on the journey.


In coaching, we focus on the whole person – if you want to create professional success of the long-term kind, then it requires that you thrive and develop both privately and professionally.

I help you create success within the framework and expectations you are met with. I help you to have even greater success in the job you already have, or help you get ready to perform at a higher level by possibly. new job/area of responsibility.


There can be various reasons for choosing team coaching; a desire to uncover and unleash the potential of your team, a concrete task solution that calls for a higher level of teamwork, help to tackle conflicts and strengthen cooperation in the team, etc. Diversity in a team is the prerequisite for success – and that is what we creates in collaboration with the team.


The attractive workplace. There can be many reasons why the individual employee needs coaching. Put mental health and development high on the agenda of your company by giving all employees the opportunity to get help and sparring to thrive and develop when the need arises.



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