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Julie is known for inspiring and transforming both people and cultures.


With a background as a leader, Julie has worked hands on with social and psychological capital as well as management and performance – all with a focus on getting high performance & well-being to go hand in hand and create clear results. Julie knows what drives people and gives them the courage to dare more.


Julie is educated and trained by the world’s leading experts in mental training, performance coaching, leadership and change.


Today, Julie works as a management consultant, educator, mental trainer and coach for ambitious people and companies. Through lectures, workshops and coaching, Julie helps people see and unleash their full potential and shows the way to a more harmonious work and private life based on mental health and personal leadership.


Julie is a partner in the company UPGRADEIT and works as a sparring partner and advisor to top managers in both the private and public sectors – and is also familiar with the role of presenter and teacher. She is known for her hands-on strategies, concrete tools and results.